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Latino Jam


About the Course

Our most popular class, consisting of short introductions to the basics of many latin dances including salsa, cha cha cha, rumba, merengue, lambada, samba, bachata. The pace is continous to keep the heart pumping and give you an all over body workout while at the same time enjoy the rhythms of hot latin music. 

In the end of the class you will be doing an entire choreography without any effort by applying the techniques you just learn throughout the class.

Your Instructor

Gaston Kraf

Gaston was born in Argentina and studied dance and drama from a young age. Both eventually became his passions and from there he began to experience everything about the world of art - studying musical comedy, theatrical improvisation, aerial acrobatics, acting for television, classical and contemporary dance, Latin rhythms (Salsa / Merengue / Cha Cha).

Gaston Kraf
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