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Arvin Robles

Hello! I'm ZIN Arvin from Hong Kong. As a survivor of a heart attack, dancing was the only cardio that my body was able to commit to, taking my first class in 2016. 

Falling in love with Zumba, I trained and got certified to teach in 2017. Since then, I have been committed to teaching, learning, training, collaborating... and teaching some more! It is never too late to live a fitter and healthier life and music is the key inspiration to get us to move. In each class, we don’t just make a party, everyone makes a connection. For one hour, we get lost in the moves, the music and the feels… and we leave empowered to conquer our day. 

I am currently licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba® Kids & Kids Jr.. Come join me, I guarantee you will have a blast! Got questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message!

Arvin Robles
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